business owners

Our experts have hands on experience as business owners - they won’t give you corporate jargon and systems - they’ll give you insights, guidance and frameworks to make you more agile.

This hands-ons programme is for all business owners who want to grow their business and create high performing teams.

We challenge you to take a moment away from working IN your business and concentrate on working ON your business.


Tangible Outcomes

As a business owner we know every minute needs to be an investment, we respect and identify with that. Some of the tangible outcomes you’ll walk away from this programme are:

  1. Improved business acumen to increase productivity and profitability

  2. Commercial thinking to challenge the norm and take your business forward

  3. Simple and agile frameworks and structures to implement immediately

  4. Defined purpose and business plan so you have a clear direction with clear deliverable dates

  5. Financial measures and reporting to clarify and keep your finger on the pulse


Your learning pathway

7 Powerful Stages

Often we leave training totally pumped and motivated, only to find that 3-months later we’re back doing the same old things.  This programme isn’t about a one off, we’ve designed it to have multiple facets over 3-months so you’re supported and motivated to reach new heights.

Your learning pathway of 7 powerful stages


Our hands-on Business Owners programme is facilitated by coaches with proven experience owning their own business! It is designed to give you the time to challenge the status quo, learn new techniques and approaches that will ensure your business reaches new heights.

You will be working on your business during the programme so you will get immediate results even at the the workshops. You’ll also leave with a personal and commercial toolbox and solid platform to lead to grow your business and build a high performing team.

Key topics

  • Business planning and goal setting

  • Building blocks for a performance culture

  • Why people are your biggest asset and will help your business grow

  • Your employee life cycle including recruitment and retention

  • What you need to know about the changing workforce and workplaces (including policies and procedures and diversity)

  • Tough talks and giving feedback

  • Sales Growth strategies

  • Financials – knowing your P&L

  • Marketing

  • Monitoring, tracking and reviewing business goals



Kirsten Leng,
Leadership Growth

Kirsten brings 15 years of proven business results in transforming businesses through strategy and their people.  



Ryan Watkins, Business Growth

Ryan has managed massively successful e-commerce and data enterprises such as GrabOne and led sales teams across a huge variety of industries. 

Kim profile.png

Kim Rippin,
No Fluff HR

Kim's passion lies in helping others find the right level of advice and support quickly, efficiently and being straight to the point about it.

Romi profile.png

Romi Dexter,
Digital Expertise

Romi is a digital heavyweight who has worked in the digital arena for over 20 years, and knows how to smash process goals and keep you ahead of the digital curve.


Castaways view from a room.png


We're thrilled to be running our training courses against the stunning scenery of coastal cliff top and spectacular ocean front provided by the beautiful Castaways Resort.

Located within an hour's drive of the Auckland CBD and only 90 minutes away from Hamilton, it's a gorgeous piece of tranquility that feels a world away from the city.

We're very excited to host you soon and to come and see what our training programmes can do for you. 


If you’re serious about taking your business to new heights, take a moment away from the day to day of your business and invest in both yourself and your business. Your investments is $6,500 + GST for all 7 powerful development stages.

If you have more than one person you’re wanting to attend and we’ll discuss our multiple person pricing model. We often find for this programme it is great to bring your business partners or any member of your team who is a link-pin to implementing new ideas and initiatives.

add extra 1-on-1 coaching sessions

Everyone learns at different speeds and experiences everything differently.  Tailored 1-on-1 coaching is one of the quickest ways to gain measurable results. We believe in the power of 1-on-1 coaching so much that we’ve included sessions as part of your package.

To increase your ROI and speed to confident implementation we offer the opportunity to enhance your development programme with additional sessions.

Speak to us more and we’ll create a bespoke option for you.