Our Approach

Our unique approach is shaped on more than 15 years of experience working with over 5,000 leaders and over 300 businesses across multiple industries in NZ and internationally. Our aim is to get you both quick and long term ROI, not smoke and mirrors.

Often we leave training totally pumped and motivated, only to find that 3 months later we’re back doing the same old things. This programme isn’t about a one-off; we’ve designed it to have multiple facets over 3 months so you’re supported and motivated to reach new heights.


There is only so much time and concentration you can put into a standard work day-based training programme. Often we need to speed up the learning process and get quick gains to make our mark, build a high performing team, shape culture and step-up as a leader.

We haven't got time to wait for the next training session. 

A retreat programme provides you with the environment where you can focus with like-minded leaders in an inspirational location.

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Some of the Key Benefits of a Leadership Retreat are:

  • Intensive and deep dive into topics and material

  • Immerse yourself in achieving the outcomes you want

  • Tangible outcomes tailored to you and your workplace

  • Immediate ROI

  • Tailored to your needs & business

  • Multifaceted learning approaches

  • Immediate application - don’t just learn it, apply it on the day

  • Immediate access to best practice templates

  • Build a network to utilise moving forward


How the RETREAT stage works

We want you to get the most out of your 3 days, so our leadership retreat programme kicks off the evening prior (normally a Tuesday evening) at 6.00pm. This allows you to have the start of the week in the office to set up for the week and then come along ready to go.

The evening session is two-fold, a briefing on the intricacies of how the next 3-days will work and just as important time to meet and greet your coaches and fellow participants over light refreshments. It’s a relaxed way to start and then in the morning we can totally immerse ourselves.

Each day starts at 8am and the day includes a blend of speakers, peer learning, self-reflection and group work.  In the evening you will have an activity to complete that enhances and consolidates the day.  

We have seven powerful stages within the programme, each stage building on the last and ensuring you have a personalised experience. 

your learning pathway

Your learning journey of seven powerful stages

How each stage enables your leadership progression:

Kick off conversation.png

 Kick-off conversation

We kick off our programme not with just an email but a personalised call from one of our team. We want to really get to know you, your preferences and goals for the programme.



To ensure we make the best use of our time at the Residential programme, you will be given highly beneficial pre-work to complete and bring along with you.  This will ensure you have all the right information at your fingertips as we explore new learnings.

You'll also have access to an exclusive members area in this stage.



In some of our programmes we’ll send you short surveys or assessments to complete. This information will provide us with insights and information to help you get the most out of the programme and will enable your coach to personalise their approach to you.

Intensive Residential.png

Intensive Retreat

The intensive retreat stage is all about immersing yourself into a learning environment away from normal work and life distractions.  

You will hear from a variety of guest speakers who are experts in their fields, have structured sessions, work on case studies in group situations, spend time on yourself, your team and business. You will also have 1-on-1 time with a coach so they can assist you in achieving your desired outcomes.

In addition to day sessions, we’ll also have evening modules to consolidate the days' learning.

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Personal follow-up

At all programmes you will create your own individual action plan. Your coach will assist you in achieving these.

Coaching one on one.png

1-on-1 Coaching sessions

Often people leave training all pumped up and ready to take on the world! We want to bottle that enthusiasm and drive and assist you in a structured way to reach your goals when you go back to work.

Coaching is a personal thing, and it’s critical that you really connect with your coach. You will have full input into which coach you’d like to work with in your 100% tailored coaching sessions.

Your programme will come with a set number of coaching sessions, however, a lot of people like to keep the momentum up so you can purchase additional coaching packages if you are interested.

Digital hangouts.png

Online group / network

One of the benefits of the residential programme is that you’ll connect with like-minded leaders who, like you, are committed to stretching themselves and reaching new heights.  We want you to stay in touch if you’d like to, so you’ll be invited to join a closed online forum where you can ask questions, share ideas and network.