Our Coaches

We are a collective of inspiring and empowering experts with proven results in their fields, with a combined passion to drive to growth and increase capability.

All our coaches have proven experience in their areas of expertise, along with an astute ability to empower and challenge businesses and leaders to stretch their thinking and explore new thinking.

We are committed and passionate about enabling inspirational and result-driven leadership with up to date digital and technology.


Leadership Collective's coaches have:

20 years of experience transforming businesses and developing leaders

Worked with over 5,000 leaders

Worked with over 300 businesses across multiple industries

Enabled leadership across organisations with up to date digital and technology

Coached and presented internationally as recently as September 2018

Translated international and local best practice to design programmes that are 100% connected and relevant to New Zealand businesses

Kirsten Leng

Kirsten Leng

Kirsten brings 15 years of proven business results in transforming businesses through strategy and their people.  She is an author, facilitator, business coach and key note speaker and works throughout NZ and internationally. Her astute commercial acumen and contagious enthusiasm helps people and businesses reach heights they never thought they would. Her passion is being an enabler, unlocking a person’s true potential and achieving short and long term business results. To Kirsten, nothing beats seeing her clients' smashing their goals and planning for their next one!

With 25 years in leadership and sales positions, she’s been there, done that… however, she compliments this with the ability to guide her clients, not just tell them what to do. She prides herself in creating independence and success, not dependence. Coming from a wide variety of interests and studies including commerce, sales, leadership and even clinical nutrition (to give her clients the edge!), she is fully committed to learning and keeping up to date with future trends and thinking.

Romi Dexter

Romi is a digital heavyweight who has worked in the digital arena for over 20 years. With a passion for telling awesome stories but wanting to create a bigger impact, she fell in love with digital through her early days in television and never looked back. Romi loves being able to engage and interact with every individual and create richer experiences at all touch points. By enabling people to have more time and space to do what they love and what they can be creative with, Romi helps in removing clunky admin jobs with the digital tools, automation and current technology out there by working smarter, not harder.

Romi has always spanned technology and marketing communications usability, and prides herself in being able to bridge the gap between people and technology. Not only this, she loves helping people up-skill and become stars in their careers. She has worked with a huge number of digital agencies including TVNZ, Vodafone, NZME, GrabOne and Finda/Yellow Pages to lead digital and product teams and managing the entire digital experience. And if that wasn't cool enough, she even worked with Microsoft and Apple to roll out the original streaming media platforms. 

Romi Dexter.png

Ryan Watkins

Ryan Watkins

Ryan has managed massively successful e-commerce and data enterprises such as GrabOne and led sales teams across a huge variety of industries. He loves helping businesses understand the technology available to attract and maintain their customers, and how to look after them once you've got them. He's been there and done that on some of the biggest marketing tools out there including Salesforce, HubSpot and Marketo, and works with these tools to help businesses become customer-centric and inbound led by developing clear strategic plans that help them grow.

Coming from a background as a schoolteacher, his interest was peaked when he saw what was happening in the digital space. He made the move to digital and the rest is history. Over the past 13 years he has worked in sales, CEO and General Manager roles and loves bringing his passion in helping middle business to the role, helping companies unleash the potential that they have within their customers and transforming the way they do business.

Kim Rippin

Described as a highly astute, straight-shooting HR practitioner and an extremely valuable asset to have on your side, Kim has provided outsourced services and managed projects for small and large businesses in various industries including Trades, Retail, Professional Services, Media, IT, Recruitment and Law. Her passion for working alongside small businesses and her dedication to support them defines her purpose through her industry dedicated, click-and-collect online consulting model that demystifies all things HR.

Kim loves helping others to find the right level of advice and support quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. With a background of 15 years of diverse HR experience working with both large and small organisations in various stages of their business cycles, she has experience with HR process, policy development and implementation, change management, recruitment and training.

Kim Rippin

Nick O'Neill

Nick O’Neill

A digital sales & marketing leader, mentor and coach, Nick has extensive B2B and B2C sales experience at all levels: from digital and media start-ups as well as enterprise level sales execution.

Nick has been Sales Director of GrabOne, 90 Seconds and most recently Customer Radar. He has been a major factor in the growth of all the businesses who have been lucky enough to have him.

Sue Blair

Sue is an experienced management coach, specialising in personality-based professional development. She works with managers and teams across diverse industries to improve motivation, communication and performance. Her premise is that managers at all levels need to know themselves, know how they come across to others and how to adapt contextually to improve outcomes. She achieves results through focused personality-based coaching and personal development training. Her coaching style makes complex psychology simple and easy to implement. 

Her work ideally suits anyone who wants to be a better manager by understanding personalities and how they affect the workplace, and any team that wants to thrive. She has been specialising in training, facilitating and writing on psychological type for 17 years and is a qualified MBTI® practitioner and adult educator.

Sue Blair


Alex Davids

Alex is a global high-performance coach focused on helping leaders, business owners and teams maximise performance and decrease their overall effort to ensure that their performance (and therefore profitability) is sustainable. She approaches high performance through uniquely integrated coaching methodologies from a multitude of disciplines.

A background in psychology, Alex originally founded and spent several years running an advertising and values development business for corporate organisations, leveraging the internal and external impact of both personal and company values on sustainability.

She has spent 14 years business coaching SMEs and Corporates, (their businesses and their executives), primarily in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia and Dubai, recently relocating home to New Zealand.

Alex is passionate about increasing the energy levels and the sustainability of individuals within the workplace. She works closely with her clients to ensure they are able to build long-lasting approaches to their businesses and their lives and reap the rewards of understanding themselves, their work and their drivers fully.