strategic leadership

Strategy delivers clarity and focus - without it we so easily get caught up in the busy pace of business as usual.

This programme gives you the head-space and time with experts who will make strategy easy! It is for any leader who needs to develop and articulate a compelling and comprehensive strategic plans to drive business performance.

Next Course: *Tue 17 - Fri 20 Sept

*Starting 6.00pm Tuesday evening

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YOUR Tangible Outcomes

This programme will give you the luxury of pulling yourself out of the busy day-to-day so you have time and head-space, while being guided by expert coaches to concentrate and build your business or team strategy. Every successful business, team and high performer has a clear plan - let us help you create yours.

Some of the tangible outcomes you’ll walk away from the programme are: 

  1. A draft a strategy on a page

  2. The start of a digital strategy

  3. A Tactical 30-60-90 day plan - lets get results straight away

  4. Clear pathway so you can get your team involved

  5. Increased strategic thinking and capability

  6. Using digital as a competitive advantage


Your learning pathway

7 Powerful Stages

Often we leave training totally pumped and motivated, only to find that 3-months later we’re back doing the same old things.  This programme isn’t about a one off, we’ve designed it to have multiple facets over 3-months so you’re supported and motivated to reach new heights.

Your learning pathway of 7 powerful stages


Our hands-on practical Strategic Leadership programme will give you clarity and focus.

You’ll explore what is meant by strategic leadership and learn the fundamental disciplines to shape strategy and create an engaged culture to support and drive performance, and engagement

Key topics

  • Link between strategy, business growth and a performance culture

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Power of a Current situation analysis

  • Your Customer Journey - business implications and best practice

  • Digital transformation

  • Business planning and developing a Strat on a Page

  • Setting goals within six strategic pillars

    • People strategy

    • Digital strategy

    • Financial strategy

    • Innovation strategy

    • Customer and Sales strategy

    • Operational strategy

  • Tactical planning and monitoring - to kick off and sustain good momentum

  • 30, 60, 90 day plan to make sure you get traction and results!

how would you like this run - facilitation options

We’ve found over the years that our clients all have different preferences and requirements on how they’d like to engage us to partner with them in the strategic space. Below you’ll find a few of our most popular requests as a discussion starter. We can make anything work - lets discuss and we’ll create something for you.

Option 1 – running for your full team

A fully bespoke residential programme where we absorb your executive and SLT fully into discussions, brainstorming to design and articulate your strategic plan.


Option 2 – power in numbers

Send a selection of your executive or senior leaders so that can work together intensively to draft a strategic plan to present on their return.


Option 3 – power up your own strategy capability

Immerse yourself with like-minded motivated leaders to be inspired and engaged. Create your own draft strategy to implement into your workplace.



Kirsten Leng,
Leadership Growth

Kirsten brings over 15 years of proven business results in transforming businesses through strategy and their people.  



Ryan Watkins, Business Growth

Ryan has managed massively successful e-commerce and data enterprises such as GrabOne and led sales teams across a huge variety of industries. 

Kim profile.png

Kim Rippin,
No Fluff HR

Kim's passion lies in helping others find the right level of advice and support quickly, efficiently and being straight to the point about it.

Romi profile.png

Romi Dexter,
Digital Expertise

Romi is a digital heavyweight who has worked in the digital arena for over 20 years, and knows how to smash process goals and keep you ahead of the digital curve.


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We're thrilled to be running our training courses against the stunning scenery of coastal cliff top and spectacular ocean front provided by the beautiful Castaways Resort.

Located within an hour's drive of the Auckland CBD and only 90 minutes away from Hamilton, it's a gorgeous piece of tranquility that feels a world away from the city.

We're very excited to host you soon and to come and see what our training programmes can do for you. 


Every successful business, team and high performer has a clear plan - let us help you create yours. Your investment is $6, 500 + GST for all 7 powerful development stages for one person attending option 3.

If you’d like to run our Strategic Leadership programme with your team let us know and we will provide a tailored pricing model based on your requirements.

add extra 1-on-1 coaching sessions

Everyone learns at different speeds and experiences everything differently.  Tailored 1-on-1 coaching is one of the quickest ways to gain measurable results. We believe in the power of 1-on-1 coaching so much that we’ve included sessions as part of your package.

To increase your ROI and speed to confident implementation we offer the opportunity to enhance your development programme with additional sessions.

Speak to us more and we’ll create a bespoke option for you.