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What I think is the difference between some other courses that you might go and do is afterwards you are absolutely held accountable for your learning.

So rather than walking away and forgetting all about it, you have a very clear structure and a plan. And Kirsten’s there to make sure to follow up and to coach you through some of the challenges you get afterwards because it’s not plain sailing, obviously, while you’re learning and going through these journeys. ”

Check out Penny’s full testimonial in this video.

– Penny R., Regional Manager

“This is a program that really appealed to me as being different, unique.

A course that I’ve gotten really excited about. I’ve got a lot of value out of it, this is the kind of thing that’s really got me excited about sending other people on.”

Check out Damien’s full testimonial in this video.

– Damien Le Breton, Delivery Capability Manager

“Regardless of where you are in your career or your leadership journey, you’ll just get so much out of this program. The experience and guidance provided by the the coaches is just absolutely invaluable, and I will carry the lessons I learned from them throughout the rest of my life, both in a personal and professional sense.”

Check out Chelsea’s full testimonial in this video.

– Chelsea P., Head of Success

“I believe it really was a benefit the way that the programme was outlined. I have implemented it into my day-to-day working life as being a lot more structured using the skills that we picked up throughout the course.


I have found that my team directly has been quite responsive to it and we see to be achieving goals a lot quick with that clearer communication, which is really great for me too – makes my life easier.” 

Check out Kane’s full testimonial in this video.

– Kane M., Regional Manager

“There were four stages over the three month period and that really gave me the accountability needed to set those learnings that I’ve gained from the Authentic Leadership programme, as well as being able to lock in some of the goals that we’d set and be able to track some of those goals as well.

Then at each stage, what was really cool was being able to see that progress as you move along. ”

Check out Brook’s full testimonial in this video.

– Brook Gyde, Business Manager

One of the things that really stood out to me and was different, and I’ve been a lot of training and development courses over the years, was the specialists that did the different sessions, which was really good, kept it fresh.

The retreat week was a challenge. It was a hard week and there was some pressure points, there’s no doubt about that. However, I felt comfortable through the whole process and I think it’s a credit to Kirsten and also the other trainers. While it was uncomfortable in parts, you still felt comfortable. ”

Check out Mark’s full testimonial in this video.

– Mark F., Regional Manager

“Leaving with that 90 day plan of what you want to implement and then having four weeks to implement it and then have the accountability sessions in between. Having those spaced out, I think in the way, in which it was over three months was really good.


I went in wanting to come out to create a high performing team and, being able to build on what I’ve learned it’s really helped to push that forward. It’s going to have a great impact on our team. They can see the difference in how I manage as well, which has been really cool and the feedback I’m getting is really good.”

Check out Lloyd’s full testimonial in this video.

– Lloyd Huysmans, Product Manager

“Everyone can take something from this course without fail. And what’s great about it is because it’s so action oriented, it’s about creating a plan that you will follow through for the next 90 days.”

Check out Olivia’s full interview in the video.

– Olivia Baloghy, Marketing Manager

“I highly recommend the course and when you have a great group around you with good tutors it makes it really worthwhile.”

Check out Richard’s full interview in the video.

– Richard Ashton, General Manager

“The really cool thing about this course is that it covers the whole range, not just financials or leadership. You can apply what you learn to so many aspects of your life, and understanding more about personalities has been great.”

Check out Jamie’s full interview in the video.

– Jamie Hall, General Manager

“Probably the best thing about the course is the expertise of the guest speakers…and recognising that leadership isn’t about you, it’s about the other people in your team.”

Check out Nicholas’s full interview in the video.

– Nicholas Looseley, Everybody Eats


“I think for anyone as an inspiring leader, or someone who is currently managing a team and doesn’t realise they are a leader… this toolkit is so beneficial on so many levels.”

Check out Toni’s full interview in the video.

– Toni Knowles, Digital Media Manager

“The self-reflection and understanding the different types of leadership styles and how you can incorporate them into your everyday life has been the biggest takeaway for me.”

Check out Matt’s full interview in the video.

– Matt Cole, General Manager

“This course was unbelievably powerful in teaching me how to actually be as a person, all day every day, and not as an act.”

Check out Rob’s full interview in the video.

– Rob Dexter, Director

“The course is tailored for leaders…it’s an amazing course for people who need to lead others.”

Check out Morne’s full interview in the video.

– Morne McLeod, General Manager


"Found it great! Relatable."

"Nice to see some things I am doing right but also great nuggets to take away & help develop & succeed further."

"Brilliant!!! – truly."

"Thank you, you’ve given me confidence to lead with clarity."

"Made me sit back and reflect on what my leadership style is and what I can improve."

"Information packed and loads of fun. Lots to take back to my team to improve our methods."


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