What our Clients Say

It’s not what we say that’s important, but what our clients say about us.
Read below to hear what some of our clients say. If you want to chat to any of our current clients, let us know - they love endorsing us and are happy to chat to you.

"I highly recommend the course and when you have a great group around you with good tutors it makes it really worthwhile.”

Check out Richard’s full interview in the video.

- Richard Ashton

"The really cool thing about this course is that it covers the whole range, not just financials or leadership. You can apply what you learn to so many aspects of your life, and understanding more about personalities has been great.”

Check out Jamie’s full interview in the video.

- Jamie Hall

"Probably the best thing about the course is the expertise of the guest speakers…and recognising that leadership isn’t about you, it’s about the other people in your team.”

Check out Nicholas’s full interview in the video.

- Nicholas Looseley, Everybody Eats

"This course was unbelievably powerful in teaching me how to actually be as a person, all day every day, and not as an act.”

Check out Rob’s full interview in the video.

- Rob Dexter, DCIM Process Control

"The self-reflection and understanding the different types of leadership styles and how you can incorporate them into your everyday life has been the biggest takeaway for me.”

Check out Matt’s full interview in the video.

- Matt Cole

"Everyone can take something from this course without fail. And what’s great about it is because it’s so action oriented, it’s about creating a plan that you will follow through for the next 90 days.”

Check out Olivia’s full interview in the video.

- Olivia Baloghy, Hype & Dexter

"The course is tailored for leaders…it’s an amazing course for people who need to lead others.”

Check out Morne's full interview in the video.

- Morne McLeod, CANAM

"I would totally recommend it for all leaders, and I would suggest it for our younger leaders going forward.”

Check out Trudi’s full interview in the video.

- Trudi Batson, Razzbri Recruitment

"I think for anyone as an inspiring leader, or someone who is currently managing a team and doesn’t realise they are a leader… this toolkit is so beneficial on so many levels.”

Check out Toni’s full interview in the video.

- Toni Knowles, Consultant

I love these programmes! My leadership and personal skills have improved ten-fold! Kirsten is awesome. She helped me relate what I have learned into real life and day-to-day situations. I can’t wait for our next encounter!
— Sales Manager

"I've had the pleasure of working with Sue...

Sue worked with me to identify my strengths and weaknesses under the Myers-Briggs personality types and those of my CEO and my team members.  It was very enlightening and as a middle manager, this has helped me to get the best out of my team and to communicate more effectively up and down the line. I highly recommend Sue to any organisation or individual who is looking to improve."  

- Advertising Executive, Auckland



"Can I just say a huge thanks...

The team is buzzing with only positivity around the content, the vibe of the sessions in terms of the relaxed no time pressure feel and you.  The team felt you nailed it in terms of your approach, how you worked with them and how flexible you made the sessions. They liked being able to run with a thought or line of conversation rather than being pulled back  on to agenda. So a big thanks from me and the team.”

- HR Manager


"The team walked away feeling really positive...

… about the changes they can now make. In fact I think they were still smiling and talking about it today which is a great sign! We have already put in place changes. You were a brilliant facilitator so thank you again. I hope we can do more together in the near future.”

- Sales and Marketing Manager


"Kirsten and her team are probably the best facilitators I have had.

Their ability to engage and captivate the audience is the best I have seen. We conducted a number of workshops, all of which promoted real enthusiasm and buy-in from what is a typically hard audience to achieve this from, their content was excellent, they listened to what I wanted and delivered on this.  Both are easy to work with, most professional and I always felt genuinely cared about getting it right for us. I have no hesitation recommending."

- National Sales Manager


"Sue Blair recently presented a fun, easy-to-understand introduction to Myers-Briggs type preferences.

Sue gave me and my new team some very valuable insights into each other, so that we can work together effectively in the future. Sue is an accomplished and professional presenter – warm and entertaining, and very knowledgeable on this topic. I thoroughly recommend her."

- IS Engagement

"Wow, wow, wow!!! This authentic leadership course is hands down the best course I have ever been on in my 10 year career.

 I was nervous and hesitant about taking three days out of the office and learning with people that I didn’t know, but 3 months on from the Retreat…this has turned out to be a totally life changing experience and the benefits are ongoing.

The theory is matched beautifully with hands on real life learning in a safe learning environment. Even the smallest details are catered for, ranging from dietary requirements right through to your learning style. It’s all covered! That meant I was in an optimal learning zone, soaking up knowledge and gaining a large ‘aha moment’ every day of the course. This allowed me to make a big step change when I returned to my role where I have made solid actions to enhance my reputation and sky rocket my career over the last 3 months. Even now this progress has no sign of slowing down.

As for the life changing experience, as a budding leader this has transformed my path both personally and professionally. In the past tough conversations have been a block for me, making it harder to progress in my career. After this course I now have the tools, knowledge and confidence to have tough conversations that result in positive outcomes plus also enhance my reputation and allow me to be my true authentic self.

I highly recommend this course to any person who wants to learn about leadership, to connect with others and it even has the ability to transform you into being a better person in every day life.

- J.W from ATEED

Key quotes

"Found it great!

"Nice to see some things I am doing right but also great nuggets to take away & help develop & succeed further."

"Brilliant!!! – truly."

"Thank you, you’ve given me confidence to lead with clarity."

"Made me sit back and reflect on what my leadership style is and what I can improve." 

"Information packed and loads of fun. Lots to take back to my team to improve our methods."